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In 2009, after not showing for almost 20 years, I decided to show in New York during art week and have been exhibiting and selling my work in galleries across the country ever since. I also started GalleryLeft in 2009, which was another step towards promoting the arts… I use a variety of techniques when creating my work and no pieces are an exact style, the exception being my illustration works produced over the past 3 plus years. While my influences are vast, the outer world collides with my inner world to serve as my primary inspiration: “Life disturbs what my soul already knows.”

Flashback to 2009 … Art Raw Gallery Inaugural Exhibit Debut Show Featuring 300+ Artists. New York, NY, January 19, 2009 – Art Raw Gallery is pleased to present for its inaugural exhibit the international works of over 300 emerging artists. The show will run from February 19 to March 21, 2009 with an opening reception Thursday, February 19, 6-9pm. The grand opening 4-week group exhibition for the West Chelsea gallery will feature small works of all media and genres. Artists were invited to send artwork created within the past 2 years using any media with a strict stipulation that the canvas be no larger than 12 inches on any side. The gallery received nearly 25,000 entries and approximately 300 works were selected for the exhibition… Above are 2 of the 4 works by Donald Perry chosen, showed and sold in the debut.