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Art exhibition invitation sample for “Shadows of a Deadman” exhibition on February 10, 2010 … Photo was taken by Scott Smallin and creative by Ron Carter and Donald Perry. After thinking about this now, I knew why I was doing this show, but no one really understood my reasoning… I already knew my mother was going to die sooner than later and I was right even though I was hoping I was wrong. It was like sports and the team you want to win always loses, but when you go the other way, you win… It was a crazy time of knowing what none of us want to know about life and death. The spiritual transformation was the theme since Jamal was showing for the first time and the church let me down once again by not showing up to see these visions of transformation and… After this show, life really kicked in and helped me to understand how important art was in my life and free expression to the world’s lifeline… The Positive Inside Negative Expression!


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