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Un-Blurred Lines by Donald E Perry … You know when you finally see a movie or read a book and it explains everything you have been trying to tell people for years? This is one of those times for me, just like the Elizabeth Gilbert speech on Ted Talks… GENIE TIME! As I watched the documentary Blurred Lines when it first came out, it reminded me of what I already knew and no one cares unless they are involved in the art industry. If you don’t know me, I eat, drink and sleep art, so I knew there was a problem within the first year of becoming an artist. No one ever seems to talk about the artwork since it’s all about the money / price … the plot, the scam, the misunderstood profession full of fake mislead beliefs. The artist is our future and the art is the future of the human race. Without free expression and the release, our society will become much more violent and the future will start to look more like a revolution or revelations. The mind must release or purge before overload or it will implode. If you are creating artwork to make money or be famous, you are living a dream that could become a horror story living inside you. I only think about the release of energy with no boundaries. If I become rich and famous while doing what I love, there is a 100% chance I die, hahaaa. Go watch Blurred Lines on Netflix and then talk to me about my art and the art world. Maybe next time we can talk about the artwork and not the dark shadows in the corner.