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Collectors say art reaches them emotionally. While this painting (Choices by Donald Perry) hangs on my wall, not matching anything it fits perfectly to me.  When it came to art, I did what people do and followed a theme in my décor.  Since meeting this artist, my love of art has been renewed and awakened.  Now I will fill my walls with art that pleases my soul.  This piece is a story that I am privileged to know; it is actually the beginning of a loss to come.  A glimpse into what the artist sees in the future but has yet happened he didn’t realize this would be in 3 years.  It touches me emotionally, when I gaze at this and see the levels of insight he has, it is incredibly breathtaking.  Isn’t that what art should be to the lover, breathtaking? Seeing this piece hang on my strangely colored wall completely out of the box of how it should be showcased but I only see what is on the canvas, it reaches me emotionally.  Part of it comes from knowing the artist, it appears chameleon like changing with light and shadows from different angles.  Part of it is hearing him describe what he faced when he painted it.  It is indescribable that this one piece affects me the way it does.  For now I am blessed and honored to have this on my wall however temporary it is, each day I will be grateful this artist shared a piece of himself with me. March 2015

© Donald Perry, Choices: The Art Conveyor, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30 in.