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Crossing Darkness with Donald Perry … Karen Charleston of Dallas, Texas purchased my piece titled Crossing Darkness at the William H. Miller Studios & Fine Art Gallery “Black and White Show”. 100% of the sales of this artwork was donated to Sue Donaldson Artist Flood Fund on September 3, 2017. Over 80 works of art from local artists all in Black & White! Artist Reception was during the First Friday ArtWalk on Friday, September 1, 2017. The exhibition was on display Friday, August 25 through September 5, 2017 at William H. Miller Studios & Fine Art Gallery, 714 Main Street, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577. Crossing Darkness was created during tough times inside and outside the mind. People think they can say what the feel, but I beg to differ… This is the black space which is hard to move forward without the feelings of fear and un-happy. I would tell you more about this if I needed to, but I think it’s you the viewers who see what is really going on inside the mind of an artist. NOTE: After this showing and donated my income to a Dallas artist fund, my own home came under attack. Started when it rained for days and the roof caved in at my studio and things began to get real and I mean REAL! After saving as much as possible and relocating into a resort in Myrtle Beach, my life was turned upside down and kept me from working on my works in progress. Life out of a bag and a studio in recovery or reconstruction… After finally getting back into the studio and schedules changed, my work is back on track and almost ready for the public to see. I am also setting up something really big for this summer, TBA!