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Donald Edward Perry Artwork 2021


APRIL 2021  |  Three months into 2021, the world looks a lot like a work of art in progress. I did not say a masterpiece in progress! You are now entering the art gallery space of the future or the past depending on how you look at this. Spaces seemed to be a great title for this introduction into new spaces and the space between our ears.

As many people know, we launched in 2012, which was created to explore unique artistic creations that push the boundaries of the establishment in order to evoke debate in the art world and promote art that questions the mind while helping the viewer to identify with the lifestyle and artist within. I have always been about crossing cultures and only caring about promoting art and the artist.

The problem with trying to help all cultures, many have been taught to believe the other cultures in general do not care about them. As a result, we have to let go of the lies ingested in order to move forward together into a sustainable future. No Joke!

Inside this first virtual art gallery exhibition of 2021, I will introduce you to feature artist José Antonio Rodríguez Díaz from Madrid, Spain. In addition, I will be showing My Spring Collection and a few flashback interviews. Pictured above are drawings I produced between 2010-2015. Please let me know if you would like to purchase or find out more about The Positives Inside Negative Expression.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the ride – Donald E. Perry



José Antonio Rodríguez Díaz

I was born in a small town named Guadamur in the province of Toledo, but I currently live in Madrid, Spain. I have been drawing since I was a child using the materials at hand: graphite pencils, colored pencils, watercolors, ballpoint pens and waxes.

As a self taught artist, I never stopped drawing because it was my passion and a way to express myself. It is an innate gift and it’s been like that for as long as I can remember.

In order to pursue my career I took drawing and painting classes with Mariano Pintado Mateos (University professor and director of creative projects in Madrid) and Carlos Garvan (Painter and architect who was his own art gallery in Toledo).

In 2008, I became noticed as my work was selected by the Spanish Cultural Center of the Spanish-American Cooperation in Miami. I have participated in individual and group exhibition in art galleries in Spain and also in international art fairs.

My perception in art has evolved and perhaps this is why people say my work has something that catches the eye, with unique and personal style.



My works are made using watercolors and graphite. I work with these materials and mix the two techniques. First, I use watercolors to draft the base to create intense black and effects of the urban landscape such as stone walls, etc. Then I continue with the graphite pencils to perfect my works.

Through my work I pay tribute to today’s women in everyday life, capturing a moment and telling a story.

I am inspired by transmitting through my drawings the feelings and emotions I experience in my life. I pay a lot of attention to the places where I usually spend time; streets, train stations, cafe shops and restaurants. I like observing people in their daily routines and the life of the people in the city, is very inspiring.

Madrid is a never-ending source of inspiration for me and observing the world around me, never ceases to amaze me. If we pay attention, we can see people telling us their story by what they are doing and other times it’s the other way around.

I imagine a story, I prepare a setting and then draw that image I create in my mind. For me, the message is very important. A work of art can express a lot and create a feeling inside the person who contemplates it.

Have you ever looked at a very well-done work of art with a good command of the technique and perfectly executed, but the work does not make you feel anything?

By drawing I can express what I feel and think. What do I want to express through the absence of color? I want the viewer to focus more on what the image expresses. With black and white, I highlight the women and their soul in an instant.

Find out more by visiting my website, Instagram or Facebook accounts below and please feel free to contact me if you would like to inquire about any of my work. Copyright 2021 | José Antonio Rodríguez Díaz | All rights reserved.

Ice cream

Watercolor and graphite pencil

70 x 56 cm

In Nerja thinking of you

Watercolor and graphite pencil

100 x 81 cm

Spanish woman at the Louvre

Watercolor and graphite pencil

70 x 56  cm

She is european

Watercolor and graphite pencil

50 x 50 cm


Watercolor and graphite pencil

40 x 28  cm

City girl

Watercolor and graphite pencil

100 x 100 cm

Spring Collection

Spring Collection does not really mean springtime when looking through my work. It’s a collection of art which springs our minds into action and release! The three works in the art gallery below are part of a time of pushing through and re-energizing the true master behind the curtain. If you are looking for spring colors like above or something special, feel free to contact me by email at: and I will send you a link to a personalized private virtual gallery. THROBBING – It hurts, it hurts bad, it’s deep, the pain it’s all I know, complain; loud thoughts, major pain, need to sustain, the throbbing brain.  – by Donald E. Perry – 1993

Master Mind Behind

Acrylic and oil on canvas

48 x 60 in.


Black and white is pretty much how I was feeling when this work was created. Inside this work is the true process of the artist and how the brain may look from the inside. I visualize others for who they are inside and what they would look like on the outside, if they had to put their feelings on like clothes everyday before going into public spaces. I seem to see the crazy, cruel, strange, greedy, selfish, painful and hidden sides of people. This work collected all those hidden feelings from the past 2,000+ years and placed them into the Mona Lisa or “IT” of our time. Others times, it’s how others make me feel inside.

The Straight Jacket

Acrylic and oil on canvas

48 x 60 in.


As I circled the truth and lies throughout my life, I found those circles would end up being my friends. Battles between the 3 fighting for control of the straight jacket locks and mind control. It’s more about the truth inside fighting for the position in front or sometimes behind. The jacket was really about keeping the line straight, knowing our places in society and why we have to get back to work or was that, get back in line, LOL! Art is an expression of true feelings and humor needs to be somewhere inside this mind trap we call life. Take your jacket off and stay a while! Life is short, enjoy the ride.


Acrylic and oil on canvas

48 x 60 in.


Inside the mind there are ignition switches, which we have to search for and really do the work to locate. Sometimes we do find these by pure luck and this is why it’s called “LUCK”. This work was part of my experiences while traveling through the dark, rain filled ditches in the mind, body and soul. This is what it felt like as the drops of water crashed into each human cell as they filled one by one until the monster inside was hungry no more. The pain and suffering of drowning was part of the process and positive growth rushed to the surface, while screaming the words, RELEASED!


Flashbacks or throwbacks may mean anything in the future. Below are a couple moments from the past. I hope to pull back the curtain in the near future and yes, the wizard is in the back, hahahaaa! This flashback will be all about Dot Dot Dot Magazine | and the interviews many of you might have missed. If you would like to view or download past issues of the magazine, visit:

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