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Yes, I am late and it hurts more than most will ever understand. I have meet every deadline required of me over the past 25+ years and since my injuries over the past couple of years, it became harder and harder to meet deadlines, but I still did. The word hurt has many meanings, which carry more and more hurt to come if not contained. Physical or mental, both are not needed to succeed. To lie or hurt feelings end up creating more hurt on the wrong ones. Leadership is one of our main issues in the world right now and without the right ones leading, we have no future without more hurt. True leaders communicate and follow-up with resources by planning for the future. Hurt is something many do not care about because they have been hurt and treated badly in the past causing lack of caring and empathy for others. It hurts that anyone really believes in truth or transparency in today’s world. Break it down to this, people are lost. All the hurt in the world will never make the greedy care unless it creates better returns and profits …

The true hurt can be seen inside my new book “Delete Me” which is being released in 2022. For millions of years, man has been dealing with the same issues generation after generation without teaching the past experiences needed. Death is the hardest pill you will ever try to swallow and this book will help you to understand the strange trip some of us may enter depending on the intensity of energy between the living individual and dead. Inside you will read my raw unedited story written in 2014 after my mother passed away. The freedom of expression in this story came from knowing I did not have to show anyone this, but the freedom released during this process was way too important not to publish. I also did not want to change the chaos involved in coping with the crazy thoughts death creates in the mind wanting to delete me. To explain this process in detail would be a waste of time and energy. It’s not Fiction or Non-Fiction and not really a comedy, horror, drama, self help or documentary or maybe it is … If you cared or loved someone more than anything else on earth, your experience will be hyper-emotional topped with extreme crazy thoughts and visions of why, what if and all those life long experiences being relived daily. Today is the day!

A Virtual Gallery by Donald E. Perry

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History of the Worlds Exhibition by Donald E. Perry

A Virtual Gallery Exhibition titled History of the Worlds by Donald E. Perry. ENTER HERE!

A Virtual Gallery by Donald E. Perry featuring José Antonio Rodríguez Díaz,and Bill Strydesky

A Virtual Gallery Group Exhibition featuring artists with unique styles.  ENTER HERE!

Transforming Reality by Donald E. Perry

A Virtual Gallery Exhibition titled Transforming Reality by Donald E. Perry. ENTER HERE!

Positives Inside Negative Expression by Donald E. Perry

A Virtual Gallery Exhibition titled Positives Inside by Donald E. Perry. ENTER HERE!