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History of the World Painting by Donald E. Perry

JUNE 2021

World’s History

Please do not enter or read any further unless your mind is open to other worlds, visions and thoughts. This is only a test. This is a test by an artist creating original works of art to transform reality in order to tell history in a unique way for the future to visualize the past living inside a machine, lol or cry!

“History of the Worlds” was more than a series of art created in today’s cave of an artist. The truth is also the lie in most cases. As we moved into the future during the centuries, it seems we always find a way to lie and buy the past back to make it something it’s not. As I recently completed this series, the past seemed to reflect off the walls of the present as the future shadows of the human race disappear. It’s all fun and games until the past repeats itself. I deleted the rest of this exhibition description because society would lose it’s mind if the illusions were revealed.

Above is an image from the Virtual Gallery Exhibition titled History Of The Worlds by Donald E. Perry.

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Shadows Of A Deadman

This is a flashback to “Shadows of a Deadman” exhibition on February 10, 2010. After thinking about this now, I knew why I was doing this show, but no one really understood my reasoning. I already knew my mother was going to die sooner than later and I was correct even though I was hoping I was wrong.

It was a crazy time of knowing what none of us want to know about life and death. The spiritual transformation was the theme since Jamal was showing for the first time and the church let me down once again by not showing up. After this event, life really kicked into overdrive and helped me understand how important free expression is to the world’s lifeline. The Positive Inside Negative Expression began at this time!

Pictured left to right is Daniel Nutley, Donald Perry and Scott Smallin.




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