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MAY 2021  |  This month is all about the future or the past for those of us who saw this 30+ years ago. They told us digital art would never be considered real and would be was worthless in the eyes of collectors, galleries, museums, etc. This is why I decided to show you a few of these digital works from the past 20+ years. I would go into more detail, but no one reads anyway, lol or cry! Also this month is the Mark S. Waskow Art Collection, NNEMoCA and flashback to Art Walk 2010 by GalleryLeft.

Next month, I will be showing some of my History of the Worlds series. The truth is also the lie in most cases. As we moved into the future during the centuries, it seems we always find a way to lie and buy the past back to make it something it’s not. Inside this collection you will be able to see the past seemed to reflect off the walls of the present as the future shadows of the human race disappear.

The digital artwork above and below were created on my cell phone while waiting on the world. Donald E. Perry

Between Pixels

Digital Cell Phone Drawing

Digital Farming

Digital Cell Phone Drawing

Figuring It Out

Digital Cell Phone Drawing

Valued Truths

Digital Cell Phone Drawing

Core Learning

Digital Cell Phone Drawing

Holding Out

Digital Cell Phone Drawing


Art Walking

This is the image and copy used on marketing some materials for the 2010 Universal Art Walk. GalleryLeft is proud to announce the first Annual Universal Art Walk set for May 2010.

The purpose of this walk is to promote the arts and to bring the arts to the people instead of them having to find the art. It’s not a block sell, a tour, or a protest, it’s a parade of people walking their art down the streets of cities, small towns, dirt roads and anywhere else that someone is inside with their artwork or form of art.

Bring the arts outside during the month of May and start walking. We have already been walking art through the streets now, but we decided we wanted to make this event for the masses instead of just our group of artist. Let’s make a stand for something that really matters.


The good news and the bad news are always the same. It was sometime in the early 90’s when the establishment and galleries told me digital art would never be recognized as valued collectible artwork. My art history knowledge tells me these are the same individuals who missed all those famous artists while they were still alive. Today these same organizations and groups are buying and selling Non-Fungible Token (NFT) digital artwork files. Digital wallets holding the art / investment? No prints, just an original digital file signed / minted into a one of a kind or 1 of a thousand or what ever the artist decides. The works below are from 2001 and 2009 when I created physical artwork and turn them into digital mixed media. If you would like to find out more about this work or custom work, contact me by e-mail at: or click on the artwork below to enter the Animated NFT files of these works.

Closed To The Public

Digital Mixed Media, 2001

Around And Around

Digital Mixed Media, 2001

Breaking The Matrix

Digital Mixed Media, 2001

The past is the future

The Truth is the title of this animation because it was created back in 1995 during the beginning of all this. I see technology making big money off the masses of artists creating accounts to sell artwork for the future or something I cannot explain in detail to the public. Gas Fee? It’s way larger than a digital file. Controlled temperature storage facilities protected, insured and so much more than most would ever understand. 25+ years ago I remember telling friends that they will have to create a special facility in the future to store the art history book of our times, lol or cry! No one wanted to listen when I said the same thing about artwork. Where do you keep storing the physical artwork and important parts of our past, present and future without making changes …


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Mark S. Waskow and NNEMoCA

Recently, there was an article in an edition of the Rutland Herald / Times Argus Arts Section dealing with the Mark S. Waskow Art Collection and NNEMoCA | The Northern New England Museum of Contemporary Art. Two of my ink on paper drawings, Stumbling Up and Machine Machine are in this collection. Check out the full story online now by clicking below.

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