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A Virtual Gallery

The mission has always been about promoting art.

April 2021

SPACES  |  The world looks a lot like a work of art in progress. I did not say a masterpiece in progress! Spaces seemed to be a great title for this introduction into new spaces and the space between our ears. INSIDE THIS MONTH: Feature Artist José Antonio Rodríguez Díaz.

May 2021

DIGITIZED  |  This is all about the future. They told me digital art would never be real! They told me digital art was worthless in the eyes of collectors, galleries, museums, etc. This is why I decided to show you a few of these digital works from the past 20 plus years.

June 2021

HISTORY OF THE WORLD   |   June exhibition will be based on the History of the World Part One. If you have been searching for original artwork which tells a story about the past, present and future with the feel of modern cave paintings, do not miss this virtual showing.

July 2021

THE FLOW   |   The flow is more than a set of words. It’s about the flow of fluids and toxins flowing throughout the mind, body and soul. The cleansing of all things living inside natures machine called life. Featured artist for Summer Exhibition will be announced soon.


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