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The Story

I am Donald Perry and I live-work in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Born and raised in Zebulon, North Carolina. The son of a Fabric & Interior Designer, I always had a strong interest in art ever since I was a child. I began art classes at the age of seven with instruction including drawing and oil painting, which I attribute to learning the basic skills of a fine artist. I continued to focus on the fundamentals of fine art throughout my formative years. Upon completion of high school, I went on to study graphic design, photography, illustration, fine arts, and creative writing, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communications. This is when I went full steam into the digital world of art direction, graphic design, photography, illustration and printing while my art stood behind the scenes. Directed, designed publications and campaigns from conception to print. While my influences are vast, the outer world collides with my inner world to serve as the primary inspiration. I developed my techniques specifically to capture and emphasize the flowing creativity inside a non-traditional approach to composition. The evolution of my work was created by learning more about the positives, negatives and balance. If you would like to discuss original art, creative or art direction, please contact me by email at:, follow me below on Instagram or follow my blog/news at:

Past Exhibitions

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Eclectic Arts Music Exhibition

Its round two for the Eclectic Arts Music Exhibition! It was a night full of color and local music celebrating the value of expression… This event featured local artwork and Musicians from all over the area. Performances by: Diskull (EDM electronic), G of Circuit trio

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Romancing Imagination

Romancing Imagination was an evening of celebration, discovery & expression!  Inspiration and creativity where artists and collectors come together to explore the Summer Arts & Crystal Show. We celebrated the ‘One Year’ Anniversary at Gifu Crystal Xchange...

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Flashback to Universal Art Walk 2010

In 2010, I was into so many things to promote the arts, I almost forgot about this one. The 1st Annual Universal Art Walk set for May 2010. GalleryLeft is proud to announce the first Annual Universal Art Walk. The purpose of…

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The past, present and future of art

Join us for the Spring Art Show at Gifu Art Gallery, Saturday April 1st 2017, 5:00pm – 8:00pm. Original works by Bill Strydesky, William H Miller, Rachel Jones Barnes, Donald Perry and more.  With featured works by Sibel Goldsmith, Jacob Kainen

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Donald Perry at ArtFields 2017

Just found out my artwork will be part of ArtFields 2017… Save the date… ArtFields, Lake City, SC, April 21-29, 2017. Visit their website to find out all the cool things happening the week of ArtFields 2017. Accepted: January 4, 2017

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Flashback to 2012 with DEPART

Hello again… I pulled this back from 2012 to show some of our past music CD proofs before the artist was canned by the record label. We did this while working for TBSi with Ron Carter and Scott Smallin Photography. If you would like to discuss your

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Collectors say art reaches them emotionally

Collectors say art reaches them emotionally. While this painting (Choices by Donald Perry) hangs on my wall, not matching anything it fits perfectly to me.  When it came to art, I did what people do and followed a theme in my décor.  Since meeting this artist, my love...

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The Positives Inside Negative Expression

The Positives Inside Negative Expression is a book I have been working on for the past three years and once I arrived at the end, I found out I was at the beginning again.  I know that many people do not and will never understand the importance of art and expression, but one way or the other I was determined

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DEPART wins Addy

FEBRUARY 2013 – August Edition of Dot Dot Dot Magazine wins American Advertising Federation ADDY GOLD AWARD! Inside this issue, Rebecca Kamen explains the relationships between art and science… Next, Joe Cardamone from The Icarus Line talks about the true punk lifestyle and how his punk experience has prepared him for all the changes

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Dining with Donald Perry

I am an established creative, marketing, production and publishing director with more than 10 years of experience. Successful in building productive creative and production teams, brand development, marketing, publishing, printing and new ventures. Communicates...

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A Book About Death Tribute

Not sure of all the details since I lost a lot of my paper work in the hurricanes... This was a book of cover art created by artists around the world as a tribute to Ray Johnson. If you do not know who Ray is, then you are in store for a unique artist with a passion...

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Donald Perry at Art Raw Gallery

In 2009, after not showing for almost 20 years, I decided to show in New York during art week and have been exhibiting and selling my work in galleries across the country ever since. I also started GalleryLeft in 2009, which was another step towards promoting the...

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