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The Story

I currently live and work in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina after moving from Wilmington, North Carolina in 1999. The son of a interior designer and athlete, I always had a strong interest in art and sports ever since I was a child. I began private art classes at the age of seven including drawing and oil painting, which I attribute to learning the basic skills of a fine artist. Drawing and painting landscapes and still life’s, really bored my mind and soul. I continued to focus on the fundamentals of fine art throughout my formative years. Upon the completion of high school, I went on to play college baseball and study fine art, graphic design, photography, illustration and creative writing, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communications from Mount Olive University. I played baseball my first year in college and figured out that you cannot focus on any one thing well if you have to focus on class, studio time, baseball practice, studying and more. This is when I decided   to focus on my career in art and design. I never really cared about awards, press and others seeing my work. It always seemed more important that people view the art instead of the signature and artist. I have also been a Graphic Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, Photographer, Illustrator, Curator, Publisher and Consultant. As an artist, I work hard to develop free expression art and the release of truth inside a negative world needing to let go of toxic energy. The Positives Inside Negative Expression and the spaces between dimensions of light and motion are my main focuses while transforming reality. I developed my techniques specifically to capture and emphasize the flowing creativity inside a non-traditional approach to composition. I choose different mediums to give myself flexibility and sanity. The evolution of my work was created by learning as much as possible about the life, death, positives, negatives, balance, mind, body and soul. Creating art is like breathing for the mind and without this release, life seems to be more toxic every day. I make every attempt to speak to myself and others about the truth inside every piece of art I create. As you will see, it’s not a beautiful still life or landscape, “it’s my truth” and what has turned into a portal of negative and positive reflections of life. I am currently working on many different projects, but my main focus is always creating artwork which tells my story. If you would like to discuss purchasing original artwork, commission work, creative consulting or art direction, please contact me by email at:  Serious Inquiries Only!