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Welcome to my online cave, hahaa. If you are here, you must have meet me, found me online by search, social media or maybe it was a creative design project, photo shoot or something I was involved in the past, present or future. Either way, you are here and now you can find out if I am who I said I was. To find out my story, click the about button above or visit one of my virtual galleries to choose your next original work of art by Donald E. Perry. Thanks in advance and make sure to visit often since I am back to change the way our future looks and feels … was created to explore unique artistic creations that push the boundaries of the establishment in order to evoke debate in the art world and promote art that questions the mind while helping the viewer to identify with the lifestyle and artist within. As I recently completed the 10-year anniversary edition above, I decided it’s too much for this time in history, so I will be sending this with the artwork for the next civilization to figure out what was happening in the past or maybe it’s the future I visualized 25 years ahead which looked backwards and further away in the rear view mirror … enjoy the ride.

Original Artwork by Donald Edward Perry titled Edge Of Nothing

When decorating a new home or office space, you should consider purchasing original artwork for investment purposes. By adding original art to your portfolio, you will always have artwork growing in value while you view everyday until you sell or hand down to the next generation. If you hold onto the artwork long enough, the artist becomes famous or passes away, you should make a nice return on your investment and maybe even become one of the lucky ones who own work accepted into the art world’s most wanted list of work to own … Invest in your future, invest in original art and artists. Inside my virtual galleries, you will see the style and technique changes circling life … Transforming Reality, an exhibition of works created on the cell phone while waiting on the world to respect others time as much as their own! The Positives Inside Negative Expression, a collection of artwork from Donald’s book titled The Positives Inside Negative Expression. The artist is our future and the art is the future of the human race. History of the Worlds, a collection of the past, present and future. As Donald completed part one of this series, the past seemed to reflect off the walls of the present as the future shadows of the human race disappear. Disguised Signals, a collection of artwork created while meditating between the signals created, crossed and disrupted by the … to find out more about me or any of the work you see inside one of my virtual galleries, contact me by email or DM.