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Showtime ...

The show has already started, so take a seat and enjoy this story about Donald E. Perry, a creator of art, design, publishing, digital and … The dream is real and this is what it looks like on the outside and some of the insides too. If you are looking for original artwork for your new or existing space, adding to your art collection, creative ideas, graphic design, photo illustration or any other services needed to complete your project, contact me by email below and briefly describe your project dreams and expectations. Thanks in advance!

Past, Present, Future


It all began drawing in my room as a child and turned into a creative lifestyle full of exciting new ventures and opportunities. After completing my degree, I went on to become an award-winning Creative Director, while creating my art in the background. Built a solid history of directing and organizing revenue-generating projects from conception through launch, while creating, exhibiting and selling artwork during this same time period. Today it’s more about balancing between the two since one has a job to do, while the other inspires culture and …

Original Art

When decorating a new home or office space, you should consider purchasing original artwork for investment purposes. By adding original art to your portfolio, you will always have artwork growing in value while you view everyday until you sell or hand down to the next generation. If you hold onto the artwork long enough, the artist becomes famous or passes away, you should make a nice return on your investment and maybe even become one of the lucky ones who own work accepted into the art world’s most wanted list of work to own … Invest in your future, invest in original art and artists.



Art stimulates and influences culture while inspiring the past, present and future of art. The original artwork I hang and posts online are only part of the narrative. As a creator of original artwork, I work hard to develop art releasing the truth inside a toxic world of lies and deception which transforms reality in order to give my art a voice. The evolution of my artwork is created by analiyzing and observing life, death, positives, negatives, balance, history and everything else life offers up. I make every attempt to speak to myself and others about the truth inside every piece of art I create. As you will see, it’s not a beautiful still life or landscape, “it’s my truth”.


The marketing and advertising industries offer creative, design, social growth and so many more services, while having one thing in common, all services require production of some kind to produce the ideas and plans to help grow your business and brand. Today it’s all about the trends which is great for the ones who go viral, but consistency creates growth instead of peaks and valleys from not staying focused on the 99 little things which truly build the brand needed instead of wanted. The truth is, everything changed while writing this, so be prepared for change too.



25+ year art, design, creative and marketing career spanning web, multimedia and print for local businesses and leading brands. Extremely deadline and budget-oriented. Thriving on team building that brings out the best in marketing professionals by effectively using my knowledge and skills I developed throughout my career. Artistically using design, photography, publishing and marketing background while utilizing today’s social media and public relations.


In order to experience the true free expression released from artists, you must visit their environment and watch them in action or not … Inside we interviewed artists, while publishing live photos, Q&A’s, behind the scenes images, reviews, news and more. If you are really entertaining the creative lifestyle and entering the so-called business of art, you should sit back and listen to these artist talk about the life of an artist. If you are just starting to create, you need to do the work and see if you even like creating art for fun since making a living as an artist may be another thing …

10-Year Anniversary

theLifestyle was created to explore unique artistic creations that push the boundaries of the establishment in order to evoke debate in the art world and promote art that questions the mind while helping the viewer to identify with the lifestyle and artist within …


Everyone is worried about what’s next instead of doing the work needed next. For me, it’s been about taking care of myself and being true to the mind, body and soul. Next, original artwork will be created, design will be produced, the new book will be printed and published and the movie will be produced by 2030 … It’s crazy to plan this far out since all we really need to worry about is today! If you are a next person, visit the virtual gallery now! Oh yeah, don’t forget to look up, there are human beings trying to carry on a conversation with you, hahaaa!

Delete Me by Donald E. Perry



As always, many projects are in the works and Generation Now is one of my favorites. With numerous exhibitions in the works, a new book, creating original artwork including painting, drawing, sculpture, nfts, digital, pop and not … Most of these projects are top secret, hahaa! The future is way more than anyone will ever understand. The truth is, you will never believe it either …

Donald E. Perry

Experience Art


If you would like to discuss original art, design, creative or any other services offered, contact me by e-mail and I will reply asap. Thanks for visiting and be well!


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